About D6Core?

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D6Core is a free, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensed Table Top Role Playing game system based on a dice pool mechanic rolled against a target modifier.

The base game is simple, but the options both in game can make the "crunchiness" of the game as much or as little as you could want.

We aim for "crunch medium" by default whether using miniatures on your table top or not.

Why should I play D6Core?

D6Core aims to be a modern, streamlined table top Role Playing game system geared to easy-entry and easy modification. We aim to be able to role play anything, any size, and anywhere.

For creators, the extremely liberal license allows you to copy and paste the entire base rules into your own Role Playing Books without requiring your customers purchase a second (or third, or fourth) system book to reference. Your setting or game can be sold as one easy to purchase book.

Is it really free?

The System Reference Document (SRD) will always have the same copy as any paid-for printed copies. If you decide to purchase a copy from us, then not only will you be supporting the system, but your money will be going into a better layout with fantastic art and a printed index.

We aim for the System Reference Document (SRD) to be completely usable for day-to-day gaming.

Why is it free? What's in it for you?

I'm an open-source developer. I firmly believe that there should be open-source and free (both as in Freedom and in Beer) alternatives to every system. I've created this system using free and open-source software and there's an automated process converting the manuscript to HTML, PDF, and Word Documents so only writing and maintaining the copy is all that's required.

If you'd like to support or tip me financially, feel free to donate via PayPal. Any funds received will be used for layout, hosting fees, and promotion. No pressure :)

Who's behind D6Core?

Currently the only writer and developer is Jeffrey D. Gordon, who's created many successful technological gaming supplements and has been an avid table top gamer for over 35 years.

Jeff D.B.A.s Alliante Entertainment with several other vendors for several decades.

What can I do to help?

While the manuscript draft is being written, not much. You can drum up support and hype for us by sharing in your local groups, online, and everywhere else. We have pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord server. The links for each of those are below in the footer.

Oh, so it's not done? When will it be?

I plan on having the first draft completed by the end of November 2020. You can follow along the development by reading the live System refrence Document (System Reference Document (SRD)).

Licenses and Limitations

The font Conthrax used in the logo and on the website headers is not a free font. Alliante Entertainment has purchased a license for this font for both publishing and the web. If you wish to use this font, use it as the creator's license legally allows.